Song of The Day - Wednesday - Sleepy Mornings, Anniversaries, Doctor Who, Inktober and NaNo Prep!

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Happy Wednesday!
Hello all!
Sorry for the radio silence over the start of the week, it's been a bit hectic and I wanted to focus on a few other things. This morning I was on the go slow, I didn't sleep too well and was a bit of a zombie this morning. Blake to the rescue as always and the fact he wasn't running on time either. Everyone needs a knight in shinning armour to save your day sometimes. Whatever size, shape, sex or species they are, sometimes even a cuddle with your pet can give you the strength you need to get through the day.
Leia and Jiji
Sunday was home to Blake and I's 13 years anniversary.
Not long in the scheme of some relationships but for us those years have gone pretty quickly. Blake posted a picture on social media in celebration of our anniversary, that picture was myself in a Frankenstein's Monster inflatable head. Of course I had to up the slightly weird and embarrassing photos with one of when his band did their own version of The Rocky Horror Show.
For our anniversary we opted for Chinese takeaway food for dinner and the first episode of the new Doctor Who and a little gin. It was nice to be part of something historical while celebrating our anniversary. The Doctor mantle has been passed on to Jodie Whittaker, this is something special because it's the first time The Doctor has become female since airing in 1963. This is exciting news for the most part of course there has been a lot of ups and downs about the Doctor being female. In the end it is just a TV show and there are more serious things to worry about in the world besides whether the Doctor has tits or a penis.
And yes I really enjoyed the first episode of the new series, it reminds me of a cross between the old style Doctor Who series and Torchwood, which it shows because he is the writer for Torchwood.
Check out the link below to see my views from back when Jodie was first announced over on the Emotionally 14 site.
Inktober is still going full steam for the most part, there was a point I didn't get time to upload for a few days but we are currently caught up. I have yet to post day 10 but it will be up this afternoon.

And finally Preptober is going swimmingly!
I have discovered there that Rothera Research Station in Antarctica has a drone tour of the whole area of the facility. This helps me get a much better picture of how scenes take places and where, YouTube can be very valuable for research.
If you'd like to share your story with the world sign up to National Novel Writing Month and announce your novel today!
November is coming up!

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