Song of The Day - Wednesday - Mental Health, Colds, Pumpkin Picking and Doctor Who!

Happy Wednesday Indeed!
I've been a pretty bad blogger again recently and life just seems to be getting in the way. Well actually life is currently standing in the middle of nowhere, scratching it's head and looking confused whilst staring at an upside down road map wondering why it's lost. Life will eventually get back on the road when it figures out the problem because life finds a way. A little Jurassic Park for the morning there.
As for me well I've been having a little bit of an up and down again recently. So sorry about that because you're probably bored of hearing it now. I haven't been able to drag myself out of bed on time for the past few weeks, I haven't missed my train yet but I've had some close calls. I know what is making me so unhappy, it's my job and that's all I can say about it. I just want you all to know that I am trying to apply for as many jobs as I can and at the same time make sure they are financially viable. Wish me luck with this because I need it.
As for my usual every day life. It's going fine for the most part.
Blake and I went on our first Pumpkin picking experience on Saturday. It was actually quite fun and a lot warmer than expected, we were both pretty warm after trekking around with a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins. Of course we had a few juvenile moments with some suspicious looking gourds.
I was incredibly impressed by the most recent Doctor Who episode based on Rosa Parks. It seems to sit well with what is currently happening in the world and serves as a new warning to what we could revert back to if current actions are allowed to continue.
I am also on the honey and lemon, the germs have taken me after a long hard battle. This is probably not helping with my not wanting to wake up currently.
Thank you all for being patient with me, hopefully it will be resolved soon.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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