Song of The Day - Wednesday - Autumn Skies, Preptober and Inktober...

Happy Wednesday!
Good day all!
We have hit hump day in no time at all, let's get through this day the best we can. The sky is very overcast today, I'm not sure if rain was forecast but it's usually a sign when you work in a big glass building and the indoor lights are putting out more than the outside lights. And that concludes todays weather predictions from me.
Yesterday I decided to give Inktober a try. I'm not sure why I decided on this since I already have enough projects on the go and enough things going on at the moment. So yeah I guess I am doing Inktober now as well as Prepping for NaNoWriMo, I'm pretty excited to try it. I decided to do this on the 2nd of October so I had some catching up to do of course, if you would like to see my drawings please go over to my Instagram. Scan the code below or search for my username Cloud_Zombie.
I had the house to myself last night, I spent the evening drawing and catching up on my stories. The Great British Bake Off was pretty exciting this week and I feel it's going to be hard choosing for the judges over the next couple of weeks. The Circle is getting pretty intense, I'm still baking Alex/Kate to win and I really hope he gets to the final. He has been one of the best in here since this is what the show's social experiment is all about.
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Anyway I've typed at you enough for today.
Thank you for reading my blog!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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