Song of The Day - Thursday - Misty Mornings, Sabrina, Inktober and NaNo Prep!

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Happy Thursday!
Wow this week is going quickly!
This morning has certainly been colder than it has been the past few days. There is a lot of fog today in Kent and London, I couldn't see the tops of some building, the Shard always looks funny when that happens. That building reminds me of Orthanc from The Lord of The Rings films.

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I keep seeing the trailers for the new adaption of Sabrina, I must admit I'm pretty excited for this show. What I have heard it's based on the original Archie Comics of the same name. Of course I was a big fan of the 90's Sabrina The Teenaged Witch, I grew up to that show and Melissa Joan Hart will always be my girl. If you haven't seen the Sabrina and Salem: Together Again fan sketch go watch it, it's bloody hilarious. I shall be waiting patiently for the 26th October, it's always nice to get a new spooky show for October.

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I just about finished yesterdays drawing for Inktober. It's over on Instagram is you are interested, scan the code below or search for Cloud_Zombie. I have enjoyed the first few days, I think it's also helped inspire me a little for Preptober. When you draw you focus on the paper but ideas spin around in your head, sometimes an idea for something else pops in and I have to write it down. Many forms of creativity can help pull you out of any slump you may be in. If you would like to sign up to National Novel Writing Month, please click the link.
Thank you for reading my blog as always, I hope you like today's song of the day from my Halloween/October playlist.
I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!

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