Song of The Day - Wednesday - The Feel of Autumn

Happy Wednesday All!
It's a little cooler this morning in London, back in Gillingham it was raining. I really feels like an autumnal morning, the season certainly is turning slowly but surely.
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I had quite a quiet evening after feeling tired all day yesterday. Blake was out at his Tekken gaming evening, I had the house to myself. I watched The Great British Bake Off while eating Mac and cheese and drinking decaffeinated tea. It's always nice to take your brain out for a while to watch a little reality TV, Bake off does make me want to do late night baking though. I will have to wait for the end of September now, I await payday eagerly!
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As part of my NaNo Prep I have been watching/reading/Listening to Science Fiction and fantasy for inspiration and research. I picked up a book on Kentish folk stories while at the Faversham hop festival at the beginning of September. I shall be hopefully reading that over the weekend. I have also started a started a blow by blow of the plot of the last two books my of series so I can refer back quickly. I've also written down all the characters that have appeared in the last two books and what their purpose was, hopefully this shall help with me figure out the plot a little better for prep and the 1st of November!
Thank you for reading my blog!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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