Song of The Day - Thursday - Cats, Tea, Books and NaNo Prep!

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Happy Thursday!
A new day has dawned, the sunshine is out and Jiji the cat won't stop yowling at me. Getting up and ready for work in the morning is a special kind of time, that time is either "Don't worry you're doing fine" to "Oh Shit! How Late Am I?!". In the middle of all that morning madness we have our two kitty cats Leia and Jiji. Leia usually spends the morning either eating, following Blake to the loo or glaring at us from one of the various cushions she has claimed as her own. Jiji on the other hand spends most of that time screaming/yowling at things in varying tones and pitches.

Leia, she likes to fold her paws under her legs.

Jiji, forever the attention seeker.

Being the cat owner that I am, I talk to my cats like they are human. Having a large black and white cat yowl at you for half an hour whilst you're trying to get ready for work can be quite distracting. Some mornings I find myself turning to my cat and saying: "What do you want with me?!" before she continues to yowl. Jiji has a thing for light reflections, for example: the sunlight reflecting off a watch, phone screen or glasses onto a wall. Seeing this drives her in an absolute frenzy in which she manages to yowl louder and make several other catty noises whilst trying to kill the shiny thing. Blake and I have started calling this activity "Do the Shiny" or "Shiny" for short. On a sunny morning Jiji will be waiting on the dining room table expectantly knowing that is what is needed for the "shiny". She can be clever sometimes, it doesn't happen very often though.
My evening was not very productive at all, I was feeling under the weather and I have a feeling a cold is trying to take me over slowly. We had dinner and then I chose to drink chamomile and spearmint tea in bed with YouTube videos to cheer me up. I seen to be addicted to this tea, I stop drinking it for a while and when I start when it gets cold I can't stop.
Holland and Barrett
I have moved onto the next October Daye audiobook:
Ashes of Honor
I seem to be getting through them very fast, my aim is to listen to all those I have on audio before moving onto the books. I am a little behind in this series as I am two books behind now.
Ashes of Honor Cover
I am really enjoying Nano prep and the Instawrimo instagram challenge for September. It's getting my creativity flowing again and making me feel less how I have been feeling for most of the year. I have found a few new tools to use over the last few days for world building and cover art making.
                        World Anvil - Haven't had a chance to play around very much yet.
              Canva - I have this as an Android phone app.
Thank you so much for reading my blog!
I hope you all have an excellent Thursday!

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