Song of The Day - Monday - Lateness, Inconsiderate Neighbours and Broken Boilers!

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Happy Monday!
Another Monday, another working week begins...yay!
We didn't do very well this morning, we both new we had to get up but instead slept through/ignored the alarm. It was kind of a mad dash this morning, Blake had already said he'd drive me because it would give me time to buy my train ticket. I had about four minutes to buy my ticket and get onto the platform this morning, I think I'll try to be better tomorrow because that was pretty bad.
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Friday I was ill with a stomach bug of some kind so I didn't go to work or blog. After a weekend of being for the most part lazy I am still tired and my stomach is almost ok. My neighbour across the back alleyway has a very bright floodlight on the back of his house, it's so bright it lights up the back of my house and shines through my windows. It's all fine and dandy to have a light like that but to have it constantly on at past 11pm at night takes the piss! My curtains are good but when I have my window open in the summer the light gets in and keeps me awake.
Wow! so far this blog has been a big bag of whinge, sorry about that.
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We have someone coming to service our boiler tomorrow. The aim tonight is to make sure the bedroom is tidier than it currently is. This so that they can get through the bedroom and into the small spare room to do their job. That small room is currently covered in sequins because I accidently upturned a box in there and decorated the floor with them. Blake is cross with me because he keeps finding them stuck to himself, I get to vacuum tonight because of that. As you know the UK is having a heat wave currently, well my boiler decided we wanted cold water and to have the heating on all of a sudden. I tried to take a shower and it was cold, then I realised the radiators were on. The only way I could get them to turn off is by turning off the boiler so we got to shower at the in-laws on Saturday. Well at least it's happened when it's going to get serviced, hopefully the person will be able to sort it that day.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope Monday doesn't treat you too badly!
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