Happy Friday Everyone!

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Happy Friday Everyone!
Now that the week is done and dusted, i'm finally home from London and work. I am now off work for 9 days!!
Blake and I are adventuring up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, I am honestly super excited. This will be my first time visiting Scotland, it feels kind of weird that I have never been there but now it's finally happening.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme 
I'm still unsure whether I will blog or not, it's finding the time to do so because we have a busy schedule planned. I may do a daily run through and post up the of picture via Instagram link. The main thing is that this is my holiday, a proper get away and I want to enjoy it instead of worrying about posting up a blog every day. 
Keep your eyes peeled over the week though because I might find the time to post and of course I will see you the Monday after. I will probably be my usual Monday hating self.
Have a wonderful weekend all!
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