Song of The Day - Wednesday - Green Fingers!

Happy Wednesday!
We have hit midweek and the sunshine is still going strong!
My blog well has mostly run dry for today, I haven't really experienced anything to blog about from yesterday.
My train was delayed again last night but I'm sure you have heard it all before and would rather not hear it again. Southeastern rail have always been a shit show and the Thames Link programme was supposed to make it easier for commuters. Instead trains are either late, delayed or cancelled on a daily basis.
Tidying the house isn't really that interesting to blog about either.
However I do have some other stuff to blog about...
As a late birthday present from one of Blake's cousins I received a bean sprout germinator and some packs of bean sprout seeds. I am going to attempt this on the weekend so I can give it my full attention. I currently have no plans and hope to re-pot some of my herbs, I have a mint plant and red basil. I also have a pot full of geraniums and ivy that my mum made up for me. And finally I have a very unhappy blossom tree that never seems to be happy whatever I do. I'm not very good with plants and haven't quite inherited the green fingers my mum has. Image result for bean sprout germinator jar

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have an wonderful Wednesday!
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