Song of The Day - Tuesday - More Train Delays, Computer Games and Carbs!

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Happy Tuesday!
It's wonderfully sunny again today, the walk down to the station was quite a toasty one. I might be tempted to have an ice lolly at lunch time today.
The trains were crappy again last night. It wasn't what I wanted for a Monday by Southeastern rail don't seem to care. Mondays and Fridays, the days you most want to get home there are delays without fail. When we experience any weather pattern apart from meh it seems the rail company cannot operate properly. I'm waiting for the Tube system from Futurama to become a thing.

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Blake had already left for band practice before I managed to get home so I didn't get to see him until later that night. Being home that much later it kind of messes with my after work schedule. I proceeded to stuff my face with spaghetti carbonara because I was super hungry, then had a bowl of different kinds of berries. I got in a little bit of Rimworld after I did a few jobs around the house, being an adult sucks a little some times.
I have been writing a lot my recently which is great, hopefully I am on form for NaNoWriMo this year. I am contemplating booking the first few days of Nano off so I can get a good start. It seems the Nano website will be getting a facelift this year, they want it to be more accessible during the rest of the year for other projects you may be working on.

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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