Song of The Day - Friday - Train Travel, Food and Holo Nails

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Happy Friday!
Thank the Gods, Goddesses and all that's in between!
We have hit Friday and in turn the weekend is almost upon us!It was a very big Friday feeling on the train this morning, there was very many people in my cage on the train. I got a double seat to myself, that was quite a treat. In the next week or days the summer holidays starts for the kids. This of course can go two ways due to the time of my train. It can either be completely empty or there will be day trippers with kids. The latter does not bode well for the commuters aboard my train because they do not know the unwritten rules of commuting and never seem to possess a set of headphones.
10 commuters who’ll drive you into a needless and petty internal rage
I will be travelling up to Edinburgh soon for the Fringe festival, I will be travelling via train. This does mean taking a very early commuter train to London and then from London up to Edinburgh. That's probably all in all five hours of travelling. I'm a little nervous about this because we will be travelling on a commuter train with suitcases and bags at rush hour. I have seen how clueless holiday makers can be on trains with their human sized suitcases, I would want to lead by example I suppose. I am honestly not looking forward to it. We have booked seats on the train to Edinburgh, though it is the longer journey of the two I have a feeling that it is going to be better than the first. It will be fun to be a tourist again but hopefully not an annoying tourist. I haven't decided how to document the my trip yet, may even film it and try to make a vlog but we shall see.
Enough train travel talk...
Last night I told Blake that I really fancied fish and chips, I was planning it for payday but he surprised me by getting it for us for dinner. It sounds sad but it made my evening, after a long day it's just what I needed. I didn't actually get anything that I had planned to do done that evening but I am hoping to get stuff done on the weekend. I did however paint my nails, that was an achievement in itself. For those interest it was a green holographic polish, it's Barry M's Molten Metal in the colour Holographic Flare. It's a beautiful polish.
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I've gone on enough today...
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have an great Friday and an awesome weekend!

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