Song of The Day - Friday - Goals Achieved!

Happy Friday!
We have hit Friday!
oh boy what a long week it has been. I am very glad it is drawing to a close. It's been a pretty bad week for getting up on time this week and Blake has driven me to the station every day this week. I think we both had trouble getting up, maybe it's the change is the weather or something. I'm determined to do better next week! 
This Saturday I am going to the Rochester Castle Proms! We set up a small table, enjoy a really nice picnic with some nice drinks and enjoy the show. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra play a variety of classical and movie themes, there is a choir as well as a classical band. You also get to wave a flag to the music which is surprisingly fun, there are flags from all over the world and it's fun to see all them together. Fingers crossed it will be sunny! 
yesterday evening I was feeling a little under the weather. It didn't help when I managed to fall and hurt myself on the way to the station. The pavement moved and set me off balance. I laid down while dinner was cooking and slept very heavily last night. I'm still feeling a little off, hopefully it will pass soon. 
That's it, a full week of blogs! 
That is pretty exciting for me and I hope next week I can keep it up. Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you all have an excellent Friday and an awesome weekend! 

Song of The Day: