Song of The Day - Thursday - Was That Him?

Happy Thursday!
What a glorious day it has turned out to be, I think it may have rained last night because the air was cooler this morning. Now as the morning has moved on the sun has found its way out of the clouds, hopefully this will follow onto the weekend because it is my Mum's birthday the Monday after and she wants to have a barbeque.
I had said that I would be blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday but Wednesday was pretty busy for me. I had my work appraisal and my head was buzzing with thoughts so I decided I would blog today instead, there will still be a Friday blog don't worry. I will try to stay on track next week.
Over the past few weeks I have been trying to drink more water, trying to eat less junk food and eat more fruit. As a result I have taken to water infusing again and I really do enjoy it. Todays choice is raspberries and mango. I have also tried pomegranate, Lime, blueberries and kiwi. I will probably keep trying different combinations all through summer. 
It depends how long the partner is out this evening but I hoping to get a little Rimworld in. I'm still testing mods but trying to get some solid gameplay in with the Zombieland mod. I have been watching Toxic Timewaster (Ryan123220) 's Rimworld - Zombieland playlist on YouTube, he's very enjoyable to watch and is taking up much of my train time. Which is a good thing as I hate to be bored.
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Random thing happened yesterday:
I may or may have not seen Stephen King yesterday. He was walking through Leadenhall Market near Lloyd's of London. It may not have been him but the man looked incredibly like him. I would be a very cool memory to have if it was him, Stephen King is an awesome writer.
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Thank you for reading my blog as always!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Song of The Day: