Song of The Day - Thursday - Dr Manhattan's Phallus & Other Important Matters

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Happy Thursday!
Yes, there's another day I failed to blog on the promised days.
I have been off work sick for the last few days and I honestly didn't want to blog because I was feeling like a chestburster was going to um...well burst out of my chest. Today I made the decision to return to work even though I haven't totally recovered because I didn't want to take too many days off sick again.
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Being at home alone and ill and not always the most fun in the world. I am a introvert at heart and I cannot deny that I love me alone time but when I'm sick I would prefer to have the other half home with me to keep me company. Well when you are ill and alone sometimes your imagination runs rampant, every little noise freaks me the hell out.
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Saying that this leads me to my next situation. Alone again my neighbour knocks on the door, this doesn't happen very often and it's usually because something is going on. She tells me that her partner heard a noise in the alleyway behind the terrace rows, he took a walk down to inspect and came back to report. Apparently she tells me that my back gate had been tagged for robbery with purple paint. of course this freaked me the fuck out because it makes it feel as if you are now entering a siege.
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Being that it was evening time currently and the fact I had pushed our huge storage box in front of the gate, I wasn't going to be walking up and down the long unlit alleyway alone. The following day I go on a sleepy adventure to the local shop to buy more medicine and decide to take a look at these markings. Being that I had spent a better part of my evening researching tag marks UK and what they mean because I was now far to paranoid to sleep, and coughing the alien in my chest out of course...any day now.
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On the back garden wall spray painted in Blue with Purple additions was a huge blue penis with purple splatter lines coming out of the top. It's like Dr Manhattan managed to separate his body from his wang and hang it proudly on the wall.  I'm not sure my neighbours partner told her the whole story of what was there. On the actual gate there was some very faded writing that I could not read, despite feeling a little relief in seeing the big blue penis I am still in full on siege mode now. This weekend I shall be painting my wall and fence just to be sure, I shall be putting out solar lights so the garden is slightly lit during the night and I will be installing alarms. It's a far cry from paint cans, hot irons and glass Christmas decorations but it's a start.
Someone has added a load of blood to Home Alone and it's horrific
Joking aside, on a more serious note...
The thought of being burgled by someone, the thought of them being inside your garden and your house is terrifying. The thought of those people taking things that I have worked hard to earn in my adult life is very disheartening. I grew up in a poorer household, I never had all the flashy things or fabulous trips or even had the new toys first day of release. I was unemployed for a year and a half after being made redundant from my first proper adult job, it was hard and I was lucky to be living at home at the time but it still sucked balls. I understand how desperate people can get in life because I see it around me every day, the amount of homeless people in Medway, Kent alone is astonishing. I go to work in London and see more. People shouldn't be homeless but because at least 70% of the Earths human inhabitants are utter selfish arseholes there are homeless people. Please support local charities if you can.
Helping The Homeless
Caringhands UK
The fact is people that break into homes are not in fact homeless or poor, they are selfish greedy people who are just out for themselves. Why would you want to take something from someone who in most cases has taken years to get to the stable stage of living, our homes are our sacred place of sanctuary and we go home to feel safe. When someone violates that many people have a hard time feeling safe, that's not right. Humanity is a mostly fucked up species. 
I can tell this blog went off on a tangent a little. The point is that nobody should have to be scare of home invasion and robbery, it shouldn't be thing. Homeless and less well off people should be helped more to get back on their feet, we should be looking after every person on this planet, we only have one life and we should use it to do something good.
Thank you for reading my blog!
It means a lot to have your support!
I Hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

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