Song of The Day - Friday - Drinking Games and Hairspray!

Everybody dance now
Happy Friday All!
And what a wonderful day it is!
I am currently being plagued by the hay fever at the moment, I am operating on little sleep today because of it. Worse case scenario it will be quite funny.
I have quite a busy weekend ahead of me and not very much down time. Saturday evening we are off to Canterbury to see 'Hairspray' at The Marlowe Theatre. That's a pretty exciting thing to look forward to.
Image result for hairspray the marlowe
On the Sunday we are have a birthday barbeque for Mum's birthday, her birthday is on Monday but week days can get a little busy and this way we can have the whole day to hang out with her. Fingers crossed the weather will be nice to us. 
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have an excellent Friday and an awesome weekend!
Just an FYI this song makes a fun drinking game.
Split into two groups, one team takes Roxanne and the other takes Red Light. Drink each time your chosen word is sung.

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