Song of The Day - Tuesday - What Happened To The Sun?!

It's Tuesday!
Welcome to a very yuck Tuesday, the weather has changed dramatically since last week/weekend. I had to dig my rain jacket out because those grey clouds are looming over London and I do not trust them.
My weekend was pretty wonderful really. On Saturday Blake and I ventured to the nearest shopping centre, he wanted to trade in some games for the new God of War game. We bought lunch and a couple of freshly made smoothies from the other shops before venturing home to eat lunch. We caught up on Outside Xbox's Show of The Week, plus Outside Extra's Show of The Weekend. We did get started on God of War that afternoon but we really didn't get that far in.
Sunday we set out to mow the back garden for the first time this year. We finally set aside a day to get it sorted and that is exactly what happened. Once that was done like true Brits we busted out the music and had a few beers to celebrate the big fiery ball in the sky. Ok...more than a few beers were had and it was quite naughty for a Sunday but we were practically sober come bed time. We also let the sun creep up on us by getting sunburnt, I'm sore but the after sun has helped greatly. I'm usually good at keeping on top of sun cream, I guess that was my punishment. I was a very pleasant day though and I'm glad I did spend the day enjoying the sun, I help a little with my emotional state.
I have finally started on The Martian by Andy Weir, I love the film and I've had this on audiobook for ages.
Image result for the martian by andy weir
Normal week day life is the usual drone of "Why am I doing this?!" and "Why am I here?!". I am slowly getting there though and will be much happier once I achieve my goals set before me. Hopefully it will change soon because certain aspects of my week day life are beginning to cause some major blues. I'm working it though.
Thank you for reading my blog!
Thank you for bearing with me during this time.
I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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