Song of The Day - Tuesday - Chocolate, Thank Yous and Sorries!

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Happy Tuesday!
I am back after another long weekend, this time with added Easter fun and chocolate. It is feeling rather like a Monday morning on this dull Tuesday. Starting my week on a Tuesday of course brightens it a little since that means I have a four day week to get through. Early to the station this morning to buy my new monthly train ticket, that's the time of the month I say goodbye to nearly four hundred pounds from my bank account and feel it cry as it sees all the other bills it needs to pay. Thanks Southeastern rail!!
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My Weekend has been mostly eating, eating chocolate and the usual weekend activities whilst eating chocolate.
Friday evening was rum and taco night at the in-laws, many tacos were eaten and much rum was drunk along with listening to mariachi band covers of popular songs. Sunday was traditional Sunday roast at my mum's house, myself, Blake and my little sister were there as well as mum of course. We ate a lovely dinner made by mum ate a banoffee treacle sponge, there was plenty of wine to drink. Mum decided to get the baby photos out, Blake had seen photo's before of me but now has seen most of them.
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Bank holiday Monday was our double feature film day!
We used out Tesco vouchers we had been saving and went to see 'Isle of Dogs' and 'Ready Player One'. It was a good plan since it was a fairly crappy day weather wise and we wouldn't have been able to go out anywhere outdoor. Hopefully I will have a film review post if not tomorrow then some time this week. And yes I will try to tone it down on the overly squeeing about Ready Player One now, I have finally seen the film and I can now return back to normality until the next thing that turns me into a mess of a fangirl.
Lastly I would like to thank you for bearing with me over the past few months, I've been a little bit of a rubbish blogger. I'm going to try and get back to schedule and post everyday during the week. I will try to post my usual themed posts (like film and book reviews) and any other additional content should eventually return to my blog in due course.
 Also I feel a need to fulfil my content duties to E14 that I have somewhat neglected because I just haven't been able to pull any creativity out of my brain. Sorry to Rob and the E14ies for my lack of commitment, I will try harder to be part of the team.
Thank you for reading my blog and watch this space for hopefully new content!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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