Song of The Day - Thursday - Washi Tape, Sunshine and Bubbles Baths!

Happy Thursday!

I am back after a hugely busy day yesterday, I didn't blog in the morning and when it got to lunchtime I just wanted to stick my headphones on and eat my lunch.
Today is much better though, there is currently blue sky and sunshine and that brings my mood up considerably.

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I had such a long day yesterday that I proceeded to come home and eat potatoes waffles and sausages for dinner. It's like the adult in me had had enough of adulting and let my inner child run free, I also had some of my Easter eggs and cookies. I also had a long soak in the bath while listening to my usual 'Until The End of The World' series by Sarah Lyons Fleming on audiobook. It was wonderful and I didn't want to leave it to be honest.
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Apparently there has been a confirmed measles case in the main office I work in. Hopefully I do not get these measles, just thinking about it is making me want to scratch. Cross all your fingers and touch wood that I do not get it. It would write me off for days and I wouldn't be able to got to work, I would probably have to sleep and stay in the spare room in quarantine.
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Moving on....
Does anyone have any recommendations for washi tape/decorative? At the moment I have Flying Tiger and The Works as my current suppliers, any good online shops? I want to start a small collection for my junk journal.
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Thank you for reading my blog!!
I hope you all have a pleasant Thursday!

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