Song of The Day - Monday - Just Another Monday

Happy Monday!
Another Monday, another working week!
This week has started with a rather wet day, I will not be going outside until I really have to.
Not the best start to the weekend after getting on the train home. My mum called to tell my that our one of our family cats had to be put down. Ziggy (Ziggy Mouse) had not been very well for a long time, his jaw had become kind of deformed and he couldn't eat properly (if at all). The vet informed my mum that he probably had a tumour growing in his jaw and he would have gotten worse. Sorry for the sad Monday news, I needed to get it off my chest before moving onto other blog topics.
A younger Ziggy using my sister's bear as a cushion.
Friday evening we went to a cult film night that was actually a Kajiu night. I was still quite bummed about Ziggy since I'd only herd about him about an hour before but it was nice to be around friends. Sometimes that gives you the boost you need to push on.
My weekend was very exciting I'm afraid, we visited my mum and my sister during the late morning of Saturday for a little family gathering. Apart from that we had a food shop delivery, watched films, played games and worked our way through our chocolate. Since we have passed into April the weather has become more wet so we haven't really made plans to go out.
Sorry for the sad blog today, thank you for reading.
I hope you all have a good Monday!

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