Song of The Day - Friday - I'm Alive

Happy Friday!
Hello all!
It's a beautiful sunny, warm day and I thought I'd check in with you all. It's been a little while since I last blogged. Sorry for the blog silence, I will probably pop in from time to time until I feel fully on top of my game. Keep watching this space for updates.
Speaking of updates!
I have actually been able to write something that wasn't utter balls. That writing has taken the form of an article for Emotionally 14 which should be out next week. I will put a link in my blog when it does pop up, you can also pop over and take a look of what other articles they have to offer, you never know what might grab your fancy. They have a new podcast episode out today for 'The Crazy Train' so take a listen and leave a review. I'm pretty happy about this and I hope that it will signal the start of my creativity returning.
I was off sick at the beginning of the week with a cold/hay fever thing that just made me sleep and gave me a very nasty cough. I'm still kind of getting over that but I feel like the sunshine is cheering me up a little despite the pollen trying to stick to my eyeballs.
Hopefully the hay fever will calm down a little over the weekend so I can get on with the jobs I need to do, if it stays nice we will probably mow the grass in the garden. I know it's probably counter productive cutting the grass while I'm suffering with bad hay fever but sometimes jobs have to be done. Maybe there will be beer involved as a reward for cutting the grass, we get to use our new (new last summer) garden table and chairs.
Last weekend saw a family birthday party up in the Catford/Brixton area. There was an attempt for the first barbecue of the year that didn't go according to plan, because English weather never goes to plan. Despite the barbecue set back we had some great food, some nice drinks and for the most part great company. There's always that one family member that needs to pipe down a little, it's ok not to know everything your family is into. 
The junk journal is still coming along fine, it's kind of therapeutic to work on when I need a quiet moment. I can concentrate on what I want to do on a page rather than a situation I do not want to be in. It's encouraged me to take more pictures of my experiences, enjoy the moment that I'm in and look forward to the next.
I think that's all that I want to say today, until the next time.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!    

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