Song of The Day - Friday - Bear Grylls, Cult Films and Maze Shops!

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Happy Friday!
We have reached the end of another week, we have done our first week of April already. I have had one hell of a long week and it's only been four days so that's clever. A little sunshine this morning on the way to work was pleasant but it started to fade the closer we got to London, hopefully it comes back at lunchtime.
I've really got into 'Bear Grylls - The Island' this past week. Channel 4 have put all the series up on their catch up app and I've been binge watching them because I love this kind of thing. The celebrity version is great as well because it's for charity and it's actually hard for them and they don't get any special treatment. Unlike 'I'm A Celebrity...' where they basically get food handed to them. It's always interesting to watch these experiments, the stone age one that was on (maybe channel 5) was excellent. I'm not big on watching a lot of live TV, when I do discover a show I turn my free view box on just for that. The Great British Bake Off being one of them.
Tonight we are going to a cult film night/Kajiu night, I'm not sure what we are getting this time around but I'm sure it will be fun either way. I wanted to bring a few fun snacks along today so lunchtime will probably be when I scout for them, I've got my eye on the Stroopwafels at Flying Tiger. They sell mini ones in a bag which is great for a film night. Also any excuse to go into Flying Tiger really, I love that shop and I feel I have a problem. It's like Ikea but for small stuff and is also set out like a maze just like Ikea.
Anyway I shall stop typing at you and leave you to get on with your day. As usual thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Friday and an awesome weekend!

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