Weight Loss Adventures: Truenopal Cactus Water

Another year over, a new one has begun and a new attempt at eating healthy begins. Today I taste test Truenopal Cactus Water.
*I pay for everything I review unless stated*
The Packaging
The packaging is bright and simple but appealing. It gets to the point and tells you exactly what you would be looking for on a food package or container. They also tell you a little about the product and why they decided to market it. Tetra Pak makes the packaging and they try to use sustainable materials.

The Taste & My Thoughts

Smell: it smells refreshing, clean and natural.
Look: It is a light clear red/pink colour but doesn't look like artificial colouring.
Taste: A strong slightly bitter taste at the beginning, with pleasant floral fruity after taste. It's pleasant in a natural, not overly sugared way and also quite refreshing.

  • The taste kind of reminds me of the taste of Lychees, when you first bite into the fruit. 
  • It's refreshing and I feel would make a nice summer drink with lots of ice. If you are feeling a little creative you could try and use it in a cocktail.
  • This drink doesn't taste overly sugary, sometimes I feel with traditional soft drinks you can really taste how much sugar is in the drink and it begins to feel sticky in the back of your throat. 
  • It's not too bad in calories but I wouldn't drink it every day.
  • I would certainly buy again in the future.
I give this product 4 out of 5.
Thank you for reading!