Song of The Day - Wednesday - Snowmagedon!

Thanks for pointing this out Blake
Happy Wednesday!
Welcome to the UK, the snow has taken over my life right now. I'd much rather be at home but I only managed to get a very, very delayed train to work. Blake however who just so happens to be a jammy git gets to stay at home again. I do love to walk in fresh snow so that is fine.
We haven't had a proper load of snow like this in a good long while, my cats have been enjoying watching it. I'm amazed with the amount of snow London is getting right now, I'm sure the Londoners aren't liking it though. It's a bit like when it's cold in LA if you need an example. Yes it gets cold in London but it never really stays around for too long.
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My mum told me that all the bread shelf in the local Asda was totally bare due to people panic buying. We are terrible at weather and when it comes to snow people freak out so hard. Places like America, Canada and Eastern Europe get more snow than this and they just get on with it, why can't we?
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They pre-emptively cancelled my train home last night so I had to leave earlier, with the additional walk home I got home around the time I normally do without delays from snow (just the normal Southeastern rail cufaffle).  Last night's journey home was very slow and I am hoping my journey home will actually get me home. Why can't we get this right?
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This is a video of my mum's cat Middy.
Hard Nope!
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I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Song of The Day:
This is kind of a Christmas Charity song, Blake was humming it this morning. He then realised that something was missing from his drawing (at the top of the page), I'm assume when I get home it will be amended.