Song of The Day - Wednesday - Love Day Yay or Nay?

Happy Wednesday!
Yes we've made it to Wednesday!!
It was super cold this morning and Blake was out of the bed before me, this is very out of character on a weekday.
Yesterday it was pancake day and of course we paid homage to St Pancake by making various forms of pancakes with various toppings. As is tradition for people that only have them once a year, the first pancake is always a little shit. I let Blake have that one since he made it. We had sugar and lemon on some, then chocolate chips and golden syrup on others. I was very full and feeling slickly sick afterwards, Blake had managed to get very sticky. He does remind me of one of those kids with the mittens on a string on his coat, a woolly hat with some form of chocolate around his mouth.
This is one of them, looks like crap but tasted great.
The St Pancras International trains Changed it's name for the day to St Pancake, this is fun but probably confusing to people that don't travel on the train very often.
I have started the editing process now on my first complete novel which I wrote during my first NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I foresee many rewrites in my future.

Yes it's that time of year again, Valentines Day.
You've probably already heard this one but it's funny how Valentines Day has fallen on Hump Day.
A day for overly expensive everything and people being over bearing with lovey stuff. I've already seen a few Facebook statues that have made me want to vomit this morning. I'm all for the celebration of love but I just hate how tacky and materialistic it's become. Yes it's nice to buy presents but some of the things marketed as Valentine gifts are utter crap, what would you do with it afterwards? Christmas is another one but who am I to complain about that one since I'm not religious and am not celebrating it for Christian values, I do celebrate Yule/Winter Solstice though as it is a Pagan celebration.

Spread the love to yourself and to other people in your life.
I got a Happy Valentines Message from my mum this morning, like I've done every year and I to her.
 The other half bought stake and mash potatoes at the beginning of the week for tonight's dinner. Being that I'm an introvert who would rather sew my face to the carpet than go to a busy restaurant on Valentines day, he's an old romantic in my eyes.

For those that are single, I suppose it's been said before but:
You don't need this made up holiday and you certainly are loved by someone in your life. Use this day to take care of yourself, be selfish and on the 15th buy all the Valentine chocolate cheap!...
I'm going to do that last part because chocolate.

Have a super Wednesday!
Thank you all for reading my blog!

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