Song of The Day - Wednesday - Commuter Problems

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Happy Wednesday!
We've finally reached hump day!
It was super chilly and frosty this morning, the walk down to the station was not too bad though. I don't mind it if it's dry or if there is sun.
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Last night I decided that I would watch first two Battlestar Galactica episodes/miniseries. These two episodes are long and I finished the second on the train this morning. I have a habit of watching something while I play, sadly my portable DVD player died on me so I have been using the ipad to watch stuff. ipads don't have disc slots so I cannot watch my charmed collection and they are not on Prime. Boo!  
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There's a strange woman that gets on my train, she has an attitude problem and really makes me wonder about her sanity. She gets on the train after me, I find a seat and move aside so she can get past before removing my coat. She walks up the carriage so I move back out into the aisle thinking she'll find a seat and go to remove my coat, I do this so I don't whack the guy in the seat next to me because you know that's the polite thing to do. She then proceeds to walk back down the isle so some unknown reason because there are very obvious  eats in the carriage She stops behind me with a face like she had been chewing wasps, I move out the way and she rolls her eyes at me like she's hard done by.  The woman has no patients and she is rude. She does this all the time and not to just me because when you commute to work everyday you tend to pick up on what the regulars are like. 
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Thank you for reading my blog!
Have a great Wednesday!

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