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Happy Tuesday!
It's certainly turning out to be one of those weeks. Another wet cold day out there and I have sort of wet feet due to the rain water soaking into the bottom of my trousers. I will probably be hiding inside for most of the day, I dislike this kind of weather.
Yesterday was quite a long day and this picture summed it up nicely:
I really ought to start reviewing my books again, I just haven't gotten around to due to all the other stuff I have given myself to do currently. Saying that I have got back into audiobooks fully now and books as well. I have just finished listening and reading on kindle 'North Sea Hunters' By Brad Harmer-Barnes. I am still listening to 'Mordacious: The City Series' by Sarah Lyons Fleming, I still have a while to go with that audiobook. I have just started reading 'Echo City' by Tim Lebbon on my Kindle, I have read it before but I enjoy this book a lot. It's been a while since I last read it and I love the cover design.
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Tonight Blake's off out for a podcast recording with Emotionally 14. This of course means that the house is mine for the evening. Depending on my level of tiredness this evening will be based on which project/hobby I will be doing. I really do have things I should be doing but keep putting it off.
As usual, thank you so much for reading!
I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

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