Song of The Day - Thursday - A Stitch A Day!

Happy Thursday!
It's my last day of the working week, woooo!
I am happily off tomorrow, I get an extra day to Hang out with Blake and maybe go on an adventure. I will try to blog but if we end up going out I may not have time, it's a mystery.
Blake dropped me this morning as he was on his way to get the car serviced, adulating like a mofo there (mofo? really Katherine?, really?). Granted he's probably going to go home and play video games in his pants after that.

So I've got back into doing some casual embroidery, it's nothing amazing I'm just going with the flow. I have a lovely blue embroidery hoop that I have been using. I am using a simple chain stitch because it's easy and I like the feel of it. Yes I am using old material that I'll never use, the whole thing will be covered eventually. I'm kind of going with the 'A Stitch A Day' approach on this, a little a day and just watch it grow.  
I hope you all have an excellent Thursday!
If I don't blog tomorrow have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!
Thank you for reading my blog!
Song of The Day: