Song of The Day - Monday - The Snow Tale of The Southeast of England

Morning All!
Another Monday has emerged like annoyance it is. I for one wanted lots of snow so that the trains would be cancelled for at least a day. Sadly we only got the usual amount of snow but at least the cats were entertained from watching and trying to catch it on the window.  One day the southeast will get some proper snow. A chilly solo walk down to the train station, Blake has the week off because he needs to use up his holiday.

After Friday's workplace misadventures I was more than ready not to go back, yes I still did though because I have a mortgage to pay. The job search continues ever more. They say it's easier to find a job when you have a job already, I'm not so sure. I've done it both ways and they both suck arse!

The Han Solo Movie trailer dropped last night, I watched it bleary eyed this morning and I'm intrigued. Looks at this bunch of awesome people here!

I was completely lazy for most of the weekend, spent most of it getting to know my computer again. I got in a good bit of Rimworld and The Sims 4, Cats and Dogs is buggy as hell, I really hope they sort it soon. There is only so many times you can tell your dog to poop before you shall to hell with it and go play Rimworld. I'm hoping to get it out of my system so I can start editing without distraction. To be honest I'm dreading it now that I can do it but it has to be done if I even want to try to publish it.


I cannot stop watching Divergent, I think I have a problem. The bright side? It has encouraged me to write stuff for E14 again which is wonderful because I was at a stump on which things to pick for my next article.

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope that you have an lovely Monday!
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