Song of The Day - Monday - Pixel Sickness

Happy Monday!
Good morning all!
I'm back in the game after a long weekend with the other half, taking Friday off helped greatly. This mornings walk to the station was quite a chilly one, I think it attempted to snow again last night.

I started the audiobook of Brad Harmer-Barnes 'North Sea Hunters' on Friday and finished it today, I very much enjoyed it. I will be getting back into book reviews soon so I will put up a review soon. Brad is one of the founding members of E14 and Suppressing fire, check out his work on the site.

Friday we went on an adventure to the Dockside Outlet Centre, it's a shopping complex located next to Chatham Docks (Dockyard). The Dockyard was been apart of quite a few small and big screen sets, it's quite fun to see how much has been shot there. We visited a few shops and sort the light bulb that we had needed to replace for going on six months. Yes it's pretty boring adult stuff and also pretty lazy to leave it that long. We had lunch at Hancocks which is on the slightly newer side of complex, it's pretty nice there and I had a posh version of a fish finger sandwich. We sat in one of the yellow booths.

The rest of the weekend had a film night with a few drinks, we watched Blade Runner 2049. We missed it at the cinema but I was kind of glad that we could watch it at home since it's nearly 3 hours long and you can't have loo breaks in the cinema without missing the film.
Sunday we had a long lazy lay in, we went to bed quite late so it was much needed. That afternoon we saw my mum, drank tea and had a catch up while my mum's dog Taz kept doing the worst farts. It was worse for me because he was asleep right next to me and they are the kind that make the inside of your nose tingle. Anyone that owns a dog will understand this feeling.
Later that afternoon I got in some much needed Minecraft, as much as I can stand before I get motion sickness. Sadly it does that to me, I think the pixely nature of it. Dark Forces used to do this to me and I never completed the game. Check Out: Cloud Zombie - The Besotted Ramblings of A Minecraft Junkie over at

I hope you have an excellent Monday!
Thank you for reading my blog!

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