Song of The Day - Monday - The Beast From The East!

Happy Monday!
A fairly chilly start to the week on this snowy Monday morning. As usual Southeastern rail are panicking at the thought of snow and then it actually happening. They were sending out messages last night about Monday evening, saying that everyone should finish their journeys home by 18:00. yeah that's not going to happen with me, I finish work at 18:00, even if I managed to leave earlier my train would not get me home by 18:00.
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The weekend consisted of films, gaming and avoiding the cold outside as much as possible. We did go out to a nearby shopping centre to buy a new computer chair as our one died a death a while ago now. I can now game, write and browse the interwebs in comfort. I also snagged some craft paper from The Range while I was there, this will be great for my junk journal. The Range is a bit like an everything shop, you can buy craft supplies, furniture of all verities, decorating supplies, garden stuff, pet supplies...etc.
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I did clock a lot of hours on Rimworld while drinking tea and wrapping myself in blankets. I think Blake must have completed three games that weekend as well, we hate the cold and going out in it. It took him a while for him to forgive me for making him go out in it to get the computer chair.
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Thank you all for reading my blog!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday!

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