Taking Stock - November 2017

Welcome to a new monthly segment called Stock Taking, I found this idea from a blog called Yes and Yes. So please go check out her blog and say hi. I wanted to try something different, this is kind of link a monthly favourites post but adds a little personal depth to it. I've personalised the list a little. Let me know if you like it.
Taking Stock: November

Baking & Cooking:
Sadly no baking this month but I did make a Pork and Apple stew this month, it was super yummy and there was enough left over for lunch the next day. It's a great comfort food in the colder months.

I have not made anything for ages but I am planning my Christmas DIYs, I will be starting them soon.

Plenty of tea of many varieties. I have been hitting the fruit tea and earl grey hard this month. The hot chocolate has also made a show of itself because the chill has reared it's ugly head.

North Sea Hunters By Brad Harmer-Barnes
After Days by Scott Medbury

I have just been listening to these audiobooks in the background.
Rosemary and Rue (An October Daye Novel #1) Seanan McGuire - Toby Daye is always one of my favourite fall-backs in audio and physical books.

And After (Until The End of The World #2) by Sarah Lyons Fleming. - This series has also made it into my fall-backs, I love them so much, the narrator Julia Whelan is awesome as well. Julia also has a new book coming out soon called 'My Oxford Year', which is also going to be made into a movie so keep an eye on that one.
I have just started 'Outcast: Kat Dubois Chronicles (Book 2) by Lindsey Fairleigh

 Films I have watched this month:
The First Wives Club
Camp Takota
Tucker and Dale VS Evil
Hotel for Dogs
Thor: Ragnarok
Journey To The Centre of The Earth
Kubo and The Two Strings
The 5th Wave

TV Series I have Watched/Still Watching:
Stranger Things
Star Trek: Discovery

Playstation Access - Access Granted, Tuesday Checklist, Friday Feature and all additional PS Access videos.
Outside Xbox
Yogscast - Main Channel videos, Duncan's Forever Stranded, Sjin's Minecraft: The Farm,
The Sim Supply - Wags to Riches
Deligracy - various Sims series
Emotionally Fourteen/Emotionally14 - Crazy Train Podcast, The Gamecast, The November Gravaday Feed Challenge (Hero klix)
DALLMYD - River Treasure videos
Yeti - Rimworld Alpha 18 starting with nothing 
Sips - Cities: Skylines: Green Cities series
Grace Helbig - Various daily videos
Simply Nailogical - Various daily videos
Molly Burke - Just discovered her channel through Grace Helbig
Threadbanger - always a favourite
Facts - love this channel the are like an Irish Buzzfeed but so much better than Buzzfeed.
 Lazy Game Reviews - The Sims 4 reviews

The Sims 4
Assassin's Creed Origins (Watching Blake play it while I tell him where to go)
Eden - Mobile game

Pintrest - for T-shirt Yarn projects, Christmas DIYs, Christmas food, Life Planner Printables.
Researching for my writing projects.
Social Media - Lots of activity during NaNoWriMo

I am currently working on my NaNoWriMo project.
Plus various ideas that pop into my head, I have to get them down before they disappear!

Wanting to have time to get things done without staying up late.
Wanting a change  but I'm working on it, I just have to keep at it.

At the future and what I would like to see happen.
Looking for a new challenge in various parts of my life.

When to start editing my backlog of stories and what I'd like to try and publish first.
Deciding on gifts for Christmas

For a little bit of good luck to come my way, certain things need to change in my life but it's taking too long. 

My giant blue scarf, it's so big I can use it as a shall.

For December 1st to get Festive!

My home life, I've really been enjoying seeing family and friends this month. Sometimes life gets in the way of you just hanging out with them.
Winning NaNoWriMo 2017!!

Not Liking:
The weather and coldness, it makes my wrist sore and my fingers as well.
Thank you for reading!