Tag Tuesday - The Christmas Tag

It's that time a year again and I have brought back Tag Tuesday for The Christmas Tag via Make Up Savvy.

1) What's Your Favourite Christmas Movie/s?
'A Muppet Christmas Carol' is one of my most favourite Christmas films of all time. 
2) Do You Open Your Presents On Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
We open our presents on Christmas morning. My partner and I have exchanged one present each at midnight before. I also buy my partner a Yule gift as I like to celebrate Pagan festivals.
3) Do You Have A Favourite Christmas Memory?
The one year my mum left sooty Father Christmas foot prints on the rug by the fireplace. That's a very special memory for me even though I quite a bit older.
4) Favourite Festive Food?
Homemade Mince Pies

5) Favourite Christmas Gifts?
I try not to focus too much on presents now that I'm older, it's great to receive but it's not my main focus on the day. I love to buy presents for people and watching them open them.
6) Favourite Christmas Scent?
I usually like the Apple, Cinnamon and Nutmeg scented candles. Well anything cinnamon makes me think of Winter and Christmas really.

7) Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?
When I lived at home with my family - I used to be woken up very early on Christmas morning by my sister to open our stocking presents. My mum used to fill small stockings with small gives, chocolate selection boxes and calamines/tangerines.  
Watching Doctor who every Christmas, if I don't see it Christmas day then it's on the morning of boxing day.
8) What Tops Your Tree?
My partner and I usually use geeky figurines, we try to use a new one every year. Last year it was a Weeping Angel bobble head from Doctor Who. But We've also had Vault Boy (Pictured below) and a Brotherhood of Steel figure.

9) As A Kid What Was The One (Crazy, Wild, Extravagant) Gift You Always Asked For But Never Received?
I really cannot remember what I have asked for as a child.

10) What Was The Best Part About Christmas For You?
Being with family, watching them open presents and getting merry with them.

Thank you for reading!