Song of The Day - Wednesday - Early Work Meeting

Happy Wednesday!
Today I get to be awake earlier than usual to get an early train up to London. There's nothing like an early work meeting to make the working day drag. 

Yesterday I was super tired and didn't Blog, so sorry about that. I have have been trying to get rid of a cold and cough that keeps threatening to take me. It has fully Assimilated with me since last night. I played Rimworld for a while but my body was so tired that I had to go to sleep. 
I have the week off next week so I can just relax.
I hope you are all enjoying my Advent Calendar so far this year. I am also doing 'Instamas' this year so check out my Instagram every so often to see what I've been up to. There is more festive posts to come on the blog so keep an eye out for that. 

Song of The Day: