Song of The Day - Wednesday - Fail Computer

Happy Wednesday!
Yesterday my PC decided it wasn't going to boot properly and I wasn't able to blog at all. Let's face it, the blogger app is far from perfect and using the webpage on an tablet of some kind is frustrating. Until Google decide to upgrade their app to a standard that is functionally like the site, I will keep making templates use while out and about.

Yesterday morning I went into Gillingham town centre on a small shopping trip. I was hoping to get some ideas for presents but it wasn't very inspiring. I did come back with some Christmas decorations for the house and some more stuff for Christmas DIY. Since I was out I also grabbed some lunch on the way home and watched 'Just Friends' while eating. I discovered the PC didn't want to work after that time and proceeded to watch another two films, 'The Scorch Trials' and 'Oblivion'. I also got in some colouring in since I couldn't get to my Steam Account to play Rimworld. 

Song of The Day: