Song of The Day - Monday - Getting Into The Season

Happy Monday!
It's one of those sleepy Monday mornings. It was a really nice walk down the road to the station, it was chilly but the sun was out making it really pleasant. 

I had quite a lovely weekend. We got down the decorations from the loft, went through them to see what survived the year in storage. We have been on the look out for ceiling decorations, apparently foil decorations aren't in vogue at the moment because we could hardly find any and the ones we did find were not very long. 

Sunday was home to our annual trip to the Rochester Christmas Dickens Festival. Rochester was bustling with people dressed as Dickensian characters and Victoria clothing. There was a snow machine, that snowed down upon the high street with white soap bubbles. We had plenty of mulled wine, nice food and fun looking at Christmas themed stalls. 

Song of The Day: