Song of The Day - Monday - It's Raining Sideways!

Happy Monday!
Good morning all!
We have had all the weather over the last few days, my cat Leia is currently watching the back garden being blown to hell. The drain cover is now at the bottom of the garden and a soggy ESSO bag has landed just outside the back door. Hours of fun for a little feline.
If you hadn't guessed already, I am off this week! Hooray!
Sadly Blake wasn't allowed the time off so I am going to have to keep myself occupied. Booo!
First on the agenda is tea which I am currently enjoying.
Second is blog and advent posts which are being taken care of right now.
Today I shall mostly be playing Rimworld and making paper chains, I do not feel the need to venture out into whatever is going on outside. I purchased this rather spangly paper chain kit from my mother-ship (Hobbycraft), my mum and I took a trip up there on Saturday.
Have a wonderful day, stay warm and dry!
And drink plenty of tea!
Song of The Day: