Song of The Day - Friday - Happy A Chocolate A Day Month!

Happy Friday!
I'm mega tired this morning but super happy and excited for some December blogging. 

I hit 50,000 words, in fact my total was 50,045! It's been a brilliant NaNoWriMo and now I'm going to have a little rest so I can get a little stuck in with my festive blog stuff. I also have a festive E14 article to write so keep an eye on their site. Check out Cloud Zombie's Christmas 2017, it's kicking off with Cloud Zombie's Advent Calendar 2017. The poet is up now so what are you waiting for. 

Tonight I will be having pizza as celebration for hitting 50,045 words and getting to the finishing line. I will probably have a lazy bath with my favourite Imperial Leather Cherry Bakewell bubble bath. 
Song of The Day: