Song of The Day - Friday - Last Working Day of 2017!

Happy Friday!
It's been one hell of a morning. Another slightly early start this morning due to a potential earlier finish. I was a little late due to my train not pulling into London Victoria on time but hayho. I hadn't had too good of a night and I'm not sure how I am awake currently. 

We got a surprise early finish, usual the last day before new years we would finish around 3-4 pm but today we got the go ahead for a 12:30 finish. I didn't finish at 12:30 though due to my Underwriters still needing me to scan stuff. I left around 13:40 which is fine and enabled me to catch a train at 14:07, I should hopefully get home at 15:13 fingers crossed. 

I'm going out for a meal tonight with my family, I'm quite looking forward to it. Christmas day was so much fun that it will be good to see them all again. We are going to a nice restaurant as well, I can't wait for that either. 

Thank you for making my blogging year so enjoyable, the blog reached 100,000 Views in December which is amazing. Hopefully the new year will see some great new things for the blog, myself and various much loved other people in my life. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a wonderful new year! 
Here's to 2018! 

Song of The Day: