Song of The Day - Friday - The Great Earl Grey Shortage of 2017

Happy Friday!
We've made it to Friday in more or less one piece, Star Wars: The Lat Jedi has burst onto the silver screen and I ran out of Earl Grey yesterday.

I shall be going to see The Last Jedi on Sunday, I'm pretty hyped. I'll probably enjoy it whatever the outcome, a lot of people turned into massive cry babies after The Force Awakens. Dudes, it's just a film, it's not going to ruin your lift or end the world. There are much worse things happen on our tiny little marble at the moment. Also keep your spoilers to yourselves if you have already seen it, it's not cool to ruin another persons enjoyment and excitement.
In short: Don't be a dick!

I'm still sewing away on my Christmas cushion I have been working on, I will try to put something up soon as a DIY post. Being that I am hand sewing it takes a while, my wrist has been sore the last few days. Though I don't sew with that hand, sometimes holding things for a long time can cause pain in my wrist. 
I love my Earl Grey tea, I drink at least two cups a day. Yesterday I ran out, first world problems I know. This morning I was able to find some in the local shop, it never used to stock herbal teas like this before but they've even got green tea. They had a huge refit and now they've got a bigger range of things, which is cool because I used this shop a lot.

I'm back to work next week, I plan to make some Mince Pies for the fast approaching Christmas days and hopefully build my gingerbread house. Have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog!

Song of The Day: