Song of The Day - Tuesday - Write Hard!

Happy Tuesday!
It's dry but chilly this morning but the walk down the road warmed me up pretty well. It was still cold on the train so I pulled my scarf around me like a shawl and the train was not late this morning which has been a stand out for the books.

I wrote just over 3,000 words yesterday, I have just under 3 days left and 6,589 words to write if I am going to hit 50,000 words by the 30th November. I have forsaken my usual lunch time soup that Blake and I have from the start of November till early spring, I have done this just so I can squeeze as much writing as I can into my lunch. Come December I will be having plenty of soup for lunch while I plan posts for my blog over the festive period.

It was one of those chilly November evenings where I just couldn't get warm last night. I opted for a long hot bath with visits from Leia the cat and a Freddo hot chocolate with mini marshmallows to warm me up. That and my huge quilt on my bed helped a lot.

Song of The Day: