Song of The Day - Thursday - Beautiful Chilly Morning

Happy Thursday!
It's a beautiful but chilly morning, it's the best kind of autumn/winter day.

 I didn't do very well with the getting out of bed like an good adult this morning. Leia decided to pee on my coat at some point during the night, she's doesn't like it when the litter gets the tiniest bit dirty and decides that peeing on things I might need is fun. 

The boiler is down again and that means no hot water or heating. He had not turned on the heating yet which is fine but washing is a pain in the backside. We had a quick run to the in laws for a bath. Blake has the day off on Friday so that our friendly neighbourhood plumber can come take a look at it. 

NaNoWriMo is going pretty well so far, I got 2,722 words down yesterday and I will be getting back to the writing as soon as I have finished this blog. 
Song of The Day: