Song of The Day - Monday - Monday Already!

Happy Monday!
I am very much begrudging going to work this morning. It's super chilly this morning and I was happy to stay in my nice warm bed. 

Blake and I ventured up to Bluewater shopping centre on Saturday. It's not my most favourite place to be in the world but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go. We have almost managed to get the last family birthday presents of the year and found the beginnings of Christmas gifts as well. I also managed to replace my trainers with super new ones and I'm pretty happy with them. 

I have been working pretty hard on my NaNoWriMo novel over the weekend, I should hit 25,000 words today and then some. I feel that I have been zooming ahead this year, even more than last and I'm pretty pleased with myself for doing it. 

Song of The Day: