Cloud Zombie's Christmas 2017 - Goals, Plans and Content

Hello and Welcome to the beginnings of Cloud Zombie's Christmas! Yes its just about the end of November and we are sad to see it go but it's time to get festive! I am also wondering where the rest of the year went, this whole year has gone so fast for me.
The whole reason for this post is to set out my plans and goals for content during December 2017.

Let's break it down:
*December 1st onward will be the start of 'Cloud Zombie's Advent Calendar'.
*Festive DIYs - Everyone loves to get crafty during the festive season.
*A 'festive Edition of Baking and/or cooking with Cloud Zombie' should be out and about at some point. I would like to make a gingerbread house this year Cloud Zombie style, it's bound to get messy.
*My festive shop haul - this will mainly include decorations, festive DIY supplies/Kits I want to try, wrapping paper and accessories, yummy festive goodies and anything else I can get my hands on.
*Various posts towards the end of December and beginning of January 2018 reviewing my year. a 'Taking Stock' post will feature of course.
*Cloud Zombie's Festive Film Cupboard will be making it back into the blog.
*Cloud Zombie's Christmas Sparkles will probably be back, it depends how many new lights I can find this year.
*And finally all the other festive posts I will put up between.

Goals for December 2017:

*I hope to have accomplished all those posts above since I have neglected the blog during National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). Hopefully I have hit 50,000 words and completed my victory dance in the middle of my dinning room.

*I am also hoping to start a little editing on my many written unpublished novels and maybe in the future take a chance at publishing them.

*I would like to try new festive foods from around the world this year, let's see hoe far I get. Hopefully the Christmas market will have a few new international food vendors.

*I aim to write a festive edition of my on going series I have on Emotionally fourteen, check out their page. Check out my links page for E14 if you would like to check out my posts. 
*I would also like to hit 100,000 page views on my blog by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

  Thank you for reading!