Song of The Day - Wednesday - One Week Until NaNoWriMo!!

Happy Wednesday!
It's cooler than yesterday because the wind picked up, I left late for the station this morning so I was doing my best to speed walk. I'm sure why I'm carrying a giant scarf around with me, I haven't worn it since Monday. 

We are a week away from NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I am incredibly excited to start writing. I have half planned what I'm going to write, I'm going to wing most of it like usual. I've really been enjoying the NaNo forums this year and I'm actually getting a lot of ideas. 

We are currently getting the house ready to have work done on it. It's only bits and pieces but it's better to clear the way for them and to stop anything getting broken or soiled. The cats never like it when we clean because they don't like the vacuume cleaner.

Bake Off last night was pretty tense. Liam left last week and most of the UK went absolutely crazy because we wanted him to stay. Well it was the same with Stacey this time round except we all wanted her to leave. 
I have also been watching Celebrity Hunted after Bake Off, it's actually really good fun to watch. It's all for charity which is always good to see. 

Song of The Day: