Song of The Day - Tuesday - Happy Halloween 2017/NaNo-Eve

Happy Halloween!
I hope you are all having a frightfully spooktacular Tuesday, I am off for the day and was off on Monday. I couldn't leave a special day like Halloween un-blogged so here I am. 

Yesterday Blake and I visited the Harry Potter Studio up in Watford. We had a pretty cool time and me being me took lots of pictures including the one of the butter beer.
It was nice being bigger than Blake for once.

This morning we watched the first episode of Stranger Things with tea because we hadn't had time to watch it yet. I'm sure half the world has already binged watched the series into oblivion and I will try and stay away from spoilers.

Speaking of spoilers, I think I may have had the Bake Off Final spoiled for myself thanks to Twitter this morning. If you don't want tonight's final spoilt for you I suggest not reading anything Bake Off related until it airs tonight. 
Halloween Check List:

  • Dull looking Sky - Check
  • Pumpkin - Check
  • Piles of Sweets - Check
  • Scary Movies - Check
  • Halloween Costumes - Check
  • Halloween Decorations/Front Garden Display - Almost Check
I have also been outside in the tiny front garden of mine weeding and preparing to add my display. We have bought a few additions to our usual stock of Halloween supplies, I now have a moving half  zombie, a skeleton cat and two skeleton rats. I think I'm going to go with an undead theme this year. I hope you have an awesome Halloween whatever you are doing, pictures will be up tomorrow of my display. 

The new month which is November will be taking us an awful lot of my time since NaNoWriMo (Or National Novel Writing Month) is in town. My Daily blog and all other scheduled posts will be up every day but I may not get time to post additional content. Please bare with me during this month because once we hit December you're going to get a whole lot of content. Cloud Zombie's Advent Calendar hits from the first December so watch out for that. Plus My Festive film cupboard and much more!   

Song of The Day: