Song of The Day - Monday - Hurricane Heatwave

Morning All!
I was not feeling Monday this morning, neither was Blake for that matter. I'm hoping that the day will go past quickly. 

This weekend has been quite warm for October, though this morning was unusually hot for a mid-October morning. I have a feeling it has something to do with the hurricane that is heading rapidly to the UK and Ireland. Ireland are used to the crappy weather but they have been quite concerned about Hurricane Ophelia. 

This weekend I have had quite a week! Saturday was a shopping day but in the evening we went to a Murder Mystery evening. Our little group came 3rd out of 15 tables. There was a three course meal included which was very nice. 

On Sunday I spent the day baking, chatting with my mum and playing a little Rimworld. I made a pumpkin pie, Marshmallow and pumpkin hand pies and finally Toffee Apple Cookies. 

Song of The Day: