Song of The Day - Monday - Happy October!!

Morning All!
Happy October!
Walking down to the station this morning definitely felt autumnal today. The leaves are fully on the turn and falling off the trees.

I've had quite a long lazy weekend where we watched, films, YouTube videos and played games. We visited our parents Sunday and spent most of Saturday relaxing because I have a flu that's dragging it out a bit and Blake wasn't feeling to bright either.

It's now October, month of spookiness.
I will be posting various October and Halloween themed so keep your eyes peeled and let me know of any spooky things I should check out.

Movie Challenges
I will be trying to do the usual thing in October when I try to watch as many horror films as I can. Check out 31 Days of Horror/31 Nights of Horror through goggle or the tab at the top of the page. I'm going try and watch films I hadn't seen before but I'm sure my favourites will sneak in somewhere.

October Challenge/Halloween Challenge
I've taken on this little challenge for the month so please check out my posts going forwards for updates.

Song of The Day: