Song of The Day - Friday - Word Up!

Happy Friday!
It is a nice sunny but cool day today, the walk to the station was nice.

Last night Blake and I went to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle at the cinema, it was a fairly late night but it's Friday today so we didn't mind too much. We had Subway for dinner because that was the best option around that was quick as we went, I got off the train and went straight to the dockside outlet and cinema area.

I have also been delving into the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) forums to talk to my fellow writers as well are all getting excited for November. Let me know if you are trying Nano this year and tell me about what inspiration is making you want to write.

This weekend I have my 12 year anniversary with the very lovely and slightly cheeky Blake. We are going to have a day date, Halloween shopping, lunch and maybe a zombie movie since it's World Zombie Day.
 I also have a charity games night to go to and a birthday party up in London, my weekend is fully packed with activities.

Have an excellent Friday and an awesome weekend!
Be good to yourself and others around you.

Song of The Day: