Song of The Day - Wednesday - Longest Week Ever!

Happy Wednesday!
Hello All!
Sorry for the radio silence yesterday I was too tired to do anything yesterday morning but today I'm back, yes I know it's later than usual again. Sorry about that.

Monday saw the release of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 to buy. Blake and I had a bit of a Monday movie night to chase away the stress of Monday. We also had ice cream, this kid of beats the crap out of Monday. The first day back after a week off is always the worst, well the first week is really crappy too.

I have 2 fold out files, and a box file of old notes and hand written stories, the urge to take three months off work just to write them up is strong. I would do it if I could get paid for it, I really need to try and start submitting stuff. Should I scan them in to make up time or is that super lazy? I'm sure I can take a picture for tomorrow to show you all my dilemma.

Song of The Day: