Song of The Day - Wednesday - Dull Skies Above

Happy Wednesday!
Well, after yesterdays hot and humid day we get grey skies.
Autumn is Coming!

I am having one of those days where I do not want to do anything, it's crappy outside and I just want to stay home and drink tea all day. Having to deal with the trains during the week of maintenance is a super ball ache as well and I just want it to be the weekend already.

This weekend is the Faversham Hop Festival in, yep you guessed it Faversham! Faversham is a lovely area and the town centre reminds me of Rochester. It's always nice to visit the town and take a walk down the high street, there are lots of lovely shops and when the festival is on the windows are all decorated with hop displays. It reminds me of that scene from Gilmore Girls with the flowers.
"I love you a thousand yellow daisies"

I have been writing and thinking about writing a lot recently. If it isn't something for the blog it's for E14's site or novel writing. I have also been thinking about places I'd like to write and wanting to book days of work just to go to these places to write. The seating area by platforms 2-4 is one of them, it is right next to wall of windows and you can see the bridge and river. Another is my home computer while my cats snooze nearby, peeking at me every now and again to make sure I am still there.

Of course I write a lot a work, spending my lunch hour writing and any spare minute I get. I wrote several Nanowrimo novels while at work and it helps pass the time, I tend to turn into a brainless zombie when I am bored so I just write stuff down on a notepad in the hope that my mind stays firm and not turn to mush.

That's enough of my rambling, have a lovely Wednesday!

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